Ungunn Licensed and Authorized Byrna Dealer

In February of 2022, a neighbor's Rottweiler exited his yard and attacked a woman's dog while on a walk. Another neighbor came to the rescue only to be chased down and bit on the arm. A few years ago, this same Rottweiler attacked our English Mastiff in our front yard, requiring over 100 stitches. I purchased the Byrna in 2021 but never carried it until the above incident.

I am retired law enforcement but choose not to carry a firearm. The Byrna is perfect for non-lethal personal, family, and pet protection. After this attack, I started carrying the Byrna every day. I began showing it to my neighbors, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. That's when I decided to become a dealer.

As an authorized premier dealer for Byrna Technologies, we sell the entire line of Byrna products including the Byrna SD, EP & LE line of Launchers and the TCR & Mission 4 Rifle launchers. We are now a DOJ registered ammunition vendor and carry the new Byrna 12ga Less Lethal shotgun kinetic round. This projectile can be fired from almost all 12-gauge shotguns. All the Byrna products are becoming the fastest-growing self-defense devices in the market. The Byrna Launcher fires a kinetic (hard plastic) or pepper ball using CO2. The projectiles are .68 caliber and reach 300 feet per second. Since the Byrna is not considered a firearm, no permits, background checks, or licenses are required to carry it.

We host the UNGUNN training events a few times each month. Click here to reserve your spot for our certified training.