"I just wanted to thank you and Francisco so much for the training. You both went through every detail. Today I had to pull mine out at someone threatening me, my space, at my home, about 6 feet away. I remembered every moment of the training and did everything you guys taught. Luckily, the guy walked away. I was 2 seconds from shooting, and in my mind thinking, ‘I’m about to shoot someone.’ I defended myself, and I’m home safe tonight. Yes, I called the police instantly. You are Godsends, and I appreciate you. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. "



"The Byrna Bash was amazing! I didn't know what to expect when I got there..it wasn't about guns, it was about safety. The people there were all professionals or retired professionals. The event itself was very well set up and showed us all individually how to use, be safe and comfortable with the  Byrna. Target practice was by far the most fun part. I brought along my assistant (who never shot a gun in his life) and at the end he walked away with his own Byrna. If you are unsure, as I was, just check out the next Byrna event and I bet you will walk away with a Byrna of your own."



"The Byrna Bash was the BEST hands-on experience! Not only did I learn how to properly handle my Byrna, but I also learned important safety practices, useful techniques and more importantly how to effectively discharge my Byrna. Because of The Byrna Bash Event, I now feel safe and equipped for when the time comes, I'll be more than prepared to protect myself at a moments' notice."



"Great class and instructor. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I not only learned how to shoot the Byrna, but I am also now well versed in the safety and handling of the gun. Target practice was an invaluable tool! THANKS CURT!!"



"Awesome instructor and very helpful with instructions on operating the gun. Every woman needs to have one of these in their car, by their bed and especially for their daughters. 


 Always loaded and ready."



"Not being very confident around guns, I found this class to be just what I needed. Very informative and hands on. Target practice was an invaluable tool. I left with my very own Byrna SD!  Great class. 

Thank you, Curt."



"Okay everyone, ready? Safety off? SHOOT! Whack, whack, whack! The Byrna Eco-Kinetic and Kinetic self-defense projectiles instantly hit their targets with wicked force.

 And "DANG" was all I could say! 

This legal to carry Byrna self-defense weapon is awesome!


Invited by Curt Waite of UNGUNN to his Byrna Bash event, I joined neighbors, realtors, first responders, husbands and wives to learn about, and shoot the new legal self-defense Byrna gun.


Curt invites all interested to his Byrna Bash events, held on his property, to train and shoot within a safely enclosed, tented target area. And Curt, being trained in weapons and self-defense, is the perfect instructor, kind and patient.


I left with my new Byrna gun, Kinetic projectile balls, and knowledge to use them safely and wisely.... but also knowing that I finally have a legal way to carry a less lethal weapon to defend myself and my family against most attacks, whether in my car, on a hike or just at home.! 

Thanks Curt!"



"I was raised in a hunting culture around a variety of conventional firearms but had no knowledge of Byrna before I attended the Bash.


Curt is an incredible instructor – gave us knowledge on general weapon handling as well as the finer points on Byrna advantages, features, operation and all related accessories. I became comfortable and proficient in a matter of minutes.


 What an incredibly sensible alternative for self-protection against either human or animal! I have lost pets from my yard to coyotes as well as a mountain lion. Makes perfect sense for safe family protection in a more urban environment.


Had a blast practicing on paper targets as well as the life-sized mannequin. Try it, you’ll love it and soon understand why Byrna makes sense for you!  


Thank you, Curt!!"