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Byrna Bad Guy Repellent-Max-.5 Oz - 2 Pack

Byrna Bad Guy Repellent-Max-.5 Oz - 2 Pack

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Shipping Restrictions:

BGR Hell Pepper 0.5 oz cannot be shipped to New York, Alaska and Hawaii

Product Features:

Effective range:12-15 ft

Spray Time: 5 continuous seconds

Makes skin and eyes feel like they're on fire and quickly incapacitates attacker on contact.

Stream spray for maximum stopping power, less cross-contamination

Attacker Tracker UV Dye lasts up to 48 hours for law enforcement and victim to identify the bad guy(s)


1.4 Major Capsaicinoids (maximum allowed by law)

Each Byrna Bad Guy Repellent canister comes with an attachable clip for quick access on belts, backpacks, purse straps, etc.

Expiration Date: 4 Years from date of purchase

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