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Essential Pistol-Pepper-Blk

Essential Pistol-Pepper-Blk

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*PLEASE NOTE - The Byrna EP Launcher DOES NOT feature an external safety



Byrna's Essential Pistol provides users with a no-frills all business self-defense tool at the most affordable price of any of Byrna's .68 caliber launchers. The EP is 0.375 inches narrower than the Byrna SD but uses the same form factor and patented pull-pierce technology as the SD.

The EP is attractive to firearm enthusiasts that are used to handguns without an external safety. Removing the safety eliminates the number one user error - trying to fire the pistol without disengaging the safety.


PATENTED PULL-PIERCE TECHNOLOGY: CO2 is stored in the launcher unpunctured until the first trigger pull. On first trigger pull the CO2 is punctured and a projectile is launched simultaneously.

OUR MOST COMPACT PISTOL: The Byrna EP is 0.375 inches narrower than the Byrna SD as a result of removing the external safety. The Byrna EP is the same length and form factor as the Byrna SD.

NO EXTERNAL SAFETY: If needed, the EP is ready to be used without the need to disengage the safety.

CARRY "ON-BODY": The Byrna EP's compact frame makes it much easier to carry "on-body" keeping you armed with a less-lethal option while on the go.


(1) Byrna EP (Essential Pistol).

(1) 5-round Magazine

(1) 5-Count Tube of Byrna Pepper Projectiles

(1) 8g CO2 Cylinder


At this time, we do not ship any Byrna Max product to New York, Wisconsin, Michigan or California.

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